Tastes of Australia Rosemary, Chia & Old Man Saltbush 6 x 90g

The combination of an aromatic herb, the nuttiness of Chia seeds and the unique bush saltiness of Old Man Saltbush makes this a unique and very Australian cracker.

$30.00 inc GST

Tucker’s TASTES OF AUSTRALIA cracker range brings to you unique Australiana flavours. This delicious Rosemary, Chia & Old Man Saltbush cracker combines the aromatic notes of Rosemary, with the nuttiness of Chia and the hearty salty flavour of Old Man Saltbush.

Old Man Saltbush (Atriplex nummularia) is considered viable bush tucker with its salty leaves and grows in the mallee and semi-arid parts of southern Australia.

Vegetarian, non-GMO and oven baked with all natural ingredients.

A taste of Australia in your own home.


Unit        90g

Carton    6 x 90g


Better, naturally

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