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Sam’s Chocolate Protein Cookie Snacks 10 x 60g

Sam’s Chocolate Cookie Snacks are packed with delicious Chocolate pieces.
10 x 60g

$30.00 inc GST

Indulge in the wholesome delight of Tucker’s Natural Sam’s PROTEIN Cookie Snacks – a delectable daily treat crafted with a medley of all-natural ingredients. Packed with a protein punch of at least 5g per serving, these irresistible snacks also boast the benefits of dietary fibre sourced from the Chicory Root plant, rich in Inulin – a prebiotic that nourishes a healthy gut microbiome.

This moreish snack is your perfect companion, satisfying cravings and keeping hunger at bay for an extended duration. Conveniently available in a 60g pack, it’s the ultimate snack choice for the workplace, on-the-go adventures, or tucked into lunchboxes.

Baked to perfection in our ovens, these snacks are free from artificial colours or flavours and proudly non-GMO. Hand Me Sam’s Cookie Snacks today for a deliciously satisfying experience! Yum awaits!”

Available in 4 yummy flavours


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