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Write By: Diana Swanson Created Date: 2019 05 16 Published In:
Rosemary & rock salt gourmet bites CHAMPION BISCUIT!

Australia’s most awarded cracker has topped the rest, winning CHAMPIONSHIP BISCUIT at the Sydney Royal Professional Baking Competition 2018 at the Royal Sydney Show for their Gourmet Bites Rosemary and Rock Salt.

Tucker’s Natural Gourmet Bites Rosemary and Rock Salt won GOLD in its class and then took out the CHAMPIONSHIP BISCUIT in Class S003. Overall, Tucker’s Natural won 7 medals out of 8 submitted entries, plus the CHAMPIONSHIP BISCUIT award.

“I am over the moon, winning the Championship Biscuit! “said Sam Tucker, Managing Director, Tucker’s Natural. “It is the icing on the cake or for us cracker!”
“At the end of 2017, we had already won 47 medals, making us Australia’s most awarded cracker,” he said. “This win is fantastic for our small family business and acknowledgement for our staff. We know we make the best tasting cracker’s, and this just proves it- again!”

We believe we provide our customers with the best tasting, all-natural snacks and crackers you can buy and the Royal Sydney judges agree too, he said.