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Hero Platter - How to Build a Platter from the #CrackerUp

Write By: Tuckers Admin Created Date: 2016 06 15 Published In: CrackerUp Platters
Hero Platter - How to Build a Platter from the #CrackerUp
  • Serving board
  • Selection of Tucker’s Natural crackers
  • Tucker’s Natural Fruit Paste
  • Your favourite cheese/s
  • Fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs or pickles
  • Friends
  • Wine

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  • Serves: 4
  • Prep: 20min
  • Cook:

Hero Platter - How to Build a Platter from the #CrackerUp

Hero Platter - How to Build a Platter from the #CrackerUp: A good cracker is the foundation of every platter… and not just any cracker, one with rigidity, crunch, flavour, and style – a Tucker’s Natural cracker. We’re setting the record straight and showing you how to build your platter from the #CrackerUp with these easy steps…


  1. Start with an interesting board or plate for serving: Whether wood, ceramic or glass - go for some texture or detail for a wow factor
  2. Choose your crackers: Use a single type or a combination of Tucker’s Natural Gourmet Crackers, Multifibre Snacks and Gourmet Bites and arrange these on your board leaving space for other elements
  3. Add Tucker’s Natural Fruit Paste: Fruit Paste will add a sophisticated sweetness to cut through the cheese and complement the crackers. Choose from Quince, Spiced Cherry, Blackcurrant & Raspberry or Mango & Passionfruit. Make the fruit paste easy for your guests to eat by serving in separate dishes or spooning directly onto the board
  4. Match with cheese: Select your favourite cheeses and arrange on your board. Be sure to remove cheese from refrigerator 1 hour prior to serving for optimal flavour and texture.
  5. Something fresh to finish: Don’t forget to add something fresh to balance out your platter and cleanse the palate. Fresh figs, grapes, apple, stone fruit, herbs, pickles and vegetables all work brilliantly.
  6. Share with friends: Add a glass of vino and share your #CrackerUpplatter with friends.

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