Quinoa Crackers with Corn Dip

A family favourite, our real, natural corn dip has a tiny tang of pepper and is teamed up with nutty quinoa crackers. Great flavour with all the benefits of healthy grains, ready for a snack on the go.

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Quinoa Crackers with Corn Dip -

Yeast free
100% natural
No preservatives
Made with 100% cold pressed rice bran oil
GMO free

Cracker ingredients: Flour (unbleached wheaten flour), wholegrain flour (unbleached wholemeal flour, thiamine, folic acid), 100% cold pressed rice bran oil, rolled oats, cracked greenwheat freekeh, white quinoa seeds (5.3%), dietary fibre, skim milk powder, rock salt, poppy seeds, salt, linseed, water added. Dip ingredients: Corn (36%), vinegar, sugar, water, onion, thickener (modified corn and potato starch, xanthan gum), sea salt, red peppers, spices. Allergens: gluten, milk products. May contain traces of eggs, nuts and sesame seed. PROUDLY MADE IN AUSTRALIA.
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