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Write By: Diana Swanson Created Date: 2016 03 30 Published In: Home Page FeatureNews from the pantry
The hot new white wine

Pinot Grigio (pee noh GREE joe) and Pinot Gris (pee noh gree) are two white wines that have been wandering around wine menus for a while now, but word is that they are now the new 'it' white wine.

A beautiful style to serve with everything from chicken, pork and fish to salads, pate and cheese plates...but what's the difference between the two? And which ones should you buy?

We thought we'd have a look at what makes these two white varieties great and where you can look to try some of the best.

This article from Good Food gets to the heart of the matter and distills the differences clearly. 

May we suggest some Mango and Passionfruit Fruit Paste and a box of Caramelised Onion Gourmet Crackers to go with the vino?


Image: Sophie's HIll Pinot Grigio by Karrawatta