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Write By: Catherine Created Date: 2016 12 15 Published In: Home Page FeatureNews from the pantry
Cracker Wreath

A fun presentation idea for Christmas that will impress your guests!

Arrange your Tucker's Natural crackers in a wreath shape around a festive dip.


2 x packets Tucker's Natural Multifibre Snacks, Gourmet Bites, Gourmet Crackers or Gluten Free Bites

A tub of your favourite dip, such as Pumpkin Dip

Large platter or serving plate


Start by positioning one cracker on the plate as a building block, then continue placing crackers on top of this cracker in circular formation.

Once the wreath is complete, gently slide the last cracker underneath the first cracker to close the circle.

Place your favourite dip in the centre of the wreath and serve.


You can use one type of crackers, or a mixture of smaller and larger shapes. Fun for kids to do and looks beautiful.